Congratulations to the recipients of Chugach’s 2023 Pek’stangiyaq Awards, who were each nominated by their fellow employees and decided upon by Chugach’s executive team. The four individuals identified in this selection process each went above and beyond at Chugach and our subsidiaries in 2023 and were recognized for the excellence they each brought to the workplace. These employees also embodied Chugach’s five Core Behaviors:

  • We do things the right way
  • We create meaningful value
  • We empower people
  • We build community
  • We leave things better than we found them

In Sugpiaq, the language spoken in the Chugach region, Pek’stangiyaq means ‘Good Worker’, and it took a host of good workers to keep a village fed and prosperous. The 2023 Good Workers who kept our corporate village and its subsidiaries prosperous and successful are:

Kris Tabios, Chugach Heritage Foundation (CHF) Administrative Clerk: Kris Tabios is a valuable asset to the CHF team. Tabios diligently supports CHF’s programs, consistently going above and beyond to ensure that CHF is providing quality programs and services for Chugach’s shareholders and descendants. Tabios’ dedication to great work goes beyond doing “just a job.” He empowers others through his caring personality and will always stop to help a team member better understand something or share the knowledge he has. Tabios builds community through his dedication to our culture by regularly attending workshops and cultural events to learn more about traditional crafts. He has an amazing artistic ability that he shares by helping to pull together events, be it an exhibitor booth or a corporate party. He is a joy to be around and always keeps the CHF team laughing and engaged.

James “Tom” Wiggins, Chugach Government Solutions (CGS) Facility Manager, Project Site Midway Atoll: James “Tom” Wiggins is the Facilities Manager for the Midway Atoll project responsible for all of the facility maintenance. Wiggins is the type of guy that when he sees a need, he doesn’t hesitate to jump in and volunteer his time and skills to help. For example, he saw a need and volunteered his time and experience to help better organize the kitchen staff who are Thai nationals. Wiggins enjoys cooking and has taught our Thai staff how to properly cook steaks, barbecue, and good old southern cooking. He streamlined and organized the ordering process, storage and inventory of food products and improved the monthly menu rotation. He did this all while continuing stellar work in his facility manager role, keeping up with the old-outdated island infrastructure including buildings, water and waste water systems, power production and distribution system, piers and seawalls, roads and a 7,800 foot runway. During the customer’s Seabird Protection Project, he assisted in the building of a base camp on Eastern Island that included tents, water distribution, food storage, power production, and bird containment facilities.

Ashley Moore, CGS Lead Estimator: Ashley Moore is the Lead Estimator for the technical services division. Her workload has substantially increased as the unit has doubled in terms of number of employees over the recent history. Moore is integral in all price-to-win activities, cost narratives and competitive pricing. Her efforts directly bolstered the division’s above industry average win rate. In such a crucial position, she has unparalleled integrity in preparing cost volumes. With the division’s growth and workload increase, she mentors entry level estimators and constantly assists multiple captures. Moore voluntarily participates in all proposal teams working groups, teaming agreement generation, and everything associated with a winning culture. She is a consummate team player, always willing to share knowledge and experience. She is a mainstay in helping to organize our annual Special Olympics Charity Golf Tournament raising an average of $13-15,000 annually. Additionally, she leads our divisions Expo IPT and strategically selects the most optimal conferences to attend. Ashley coordinates every Chugach display booth with a quality layout while minimizing organic cost. These events give back so much to our customers and communities.

Jennie Sodergren, Chugach Commercial Holdings, TCC Training Coordinator: Jennie Sodergren was recognized for her exceptional contributions, her unwavering commitment to excellence, and her embodiment of the Chugach core values. Sodergren’s ability to foster team unity and maintain high productivity standards has been a cornerstone of our TCC’s resiliency and success. She has played a pivotal role in the development and execution of the onboarding process for new hires. Thanks to Jennie’s dedication and initiative, the critical implementation TCC’s new digital hiring process was executed flawlessly. Her proactive engagement in every step of the process, from planning to execution, ensured a seamless transition without disruptions. Additionally, Sodergren has been a driving force with the identification of training software that will enable TCC to present real-time data for training compliance. Her foresight, initiative, and flawless execution of critical projects have not only contributed to our current successes but have also laid the groundwork for future innovations.

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