In the last 15 years, ten hurricanes and countless major tropical storms have hit the Republic of Haiti. Nearly all of these acts of nature resulted in loss of life.

In 2010, a devastating 7.0 earthquake rocked the island nation. Eight days later, a second earthquake measuring 6.1 further levelled the country. Estimates vary, but the death toll associated with these quakes was reported to be as high as 316,000.

Since these disasters struck, humanitarian efforts have poured in on a global scale: from Israel Defense Forces to International Korean Disaster Relief Teams to Chinese and Icelandic assistance. One year into the recovery, President Obama commended the Haitians as they forged ahead to rebuild their nation and pledged our country’s ongoing help, stating, “The people of Haiti will continue to have an enduring partner in the United States.”

One of the partners that President Obama spoke of can be found in Dan Hartnett, Director of Field Operations for Rex Electric and Technologies. For the last two years, Hartnett has travelled to Haiti and lent his expertise as an electrician to improve Haitian power.

Chugach invests in companies that stand behind the ideals exemplified in our core behaviors. Dan Hartnett’s work in Haiti certainly goes above and beyond ‘doing the right thing’ and ‘building community.’

In Dan’s video, he shares his experience in Haiti. This heartfelt story demonstrates why Chicago is known as the City of Big Shoulders. Watch Dan’s video below.

Rex Electric and Technologies is a subsidiary of Chugach Alaska Corporation.

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