1972! The DOW broke 1,000 for the first time. Apollo 17 marked the last time man set foot on the moon. Stamps set you back a whole nickel and a penny. The ’72 SS Chevelle with the 454 cubic-inch engine averaged about 10 miles to the gallon, but, hey, in 1972, gas was only .36 cents a gallon. Bell-bottoms were in full swing. The first season of M*A*S*H debuted. Don McLean drove the Chevy to the levy and “American Pie” was heard for the first time, and Elvis Presley was still topping the charts with a hunka hunka “Burning Love!”

And, on the shores of Southcentral Alaska, a little corporation was born, eventually to grow into one of Alaska’s largest businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, drumroll please. June 23, 2017 commemorates Chugach Alaska Corporation’s 45th anniversary!

Since that day, 45 years ago, the corporation has met with struggles but, more so, Chugach has met with tremendous success. From bankruptcy to the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill to a meteoric rise as one of Alaska’s top businesses, Chugach has matured as a company and as a resource for the shareholders it serves.

We are all a part of this amazing story. Maybe you’re a shareholder or a descendant. Maybe you or a member of your family has served on the Board of Directors. Maybe you’ve worked for Chugach or one of our many subsidiaries. Maybe you’re a current member of our workforce united in the mission in securing the future of the Chugach people and our continued success. We have all played our part.

Thank you for all the hard work and dedication that have made the last 45 years possible. And here’s to the next 45! Happy Birthday, Chugach!

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