Another way to say meaningful value is ‘going above and beyond.’ Recently, one of our employees did just that. In fact, he went above and beyond any normal definition of above and beyond. While our customers might not hear about this story, we want all of our employees to learn what one person took it upon himself to do.

For most of us, Hurricane Harvey was a steady stream of video, images and news that relayed the destruction that hit the coast of Texas and extended into Louisiana. For Andy Aguirre, Harvey and the storm’s aftermath were much more than media coverage. For Andy, Hurricane Harvey had touched home.

With some of Andy’s family living in the greater Houston area, our fellow Chugach employee knew he had to take some action and help. Andy works in San Diego, which is almost 1,500 miles away from Houston, but he wasn’t to be deterred by distance. Andy organized a charity event with some local musicians, and their efforts raised almost $10,000 for the displaced residents of Houston. In addition, Andy gathered donated supplies, packed them into a van and personally delivered the items to the Lone Star state.

On September 18, Andy began the journey and drove halfway across the United States to lend a hand. He had one simple mission: distribute the donated goods, purchase additional supplies to give away and try to make a difference.

Andy Aguirre manages five different contracts for Chugach on Naval Weapons Station, Seal Beach. Steven Brochu, Andy’s supervisor, noted the true altruism that inspired this action. “Andy is not doing any of this for personal recognition,” Brochu stated. “He just knew he needed to go and help however he could.”

Chugach is proud to work with people like Andy, and his dedication to family reflects the same spirit that inspired our Core Behaviors.

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