Matthew P. McDaniel

Occupation: CEO, Pedro Bay Corporation and Owner & Business Consultant, Alaska Corporate Consulting

Other business experience during past 5 years:

  • Partner, Baxter Senior Living, LLC
  • Former Chief Operating Officer, Kuukpik Corporation
  • Former CEO, Yak-Tat Kwaan Inc.
  • Former Executive Vice President, Pedro Bay Corporation

All periods of service at CAC and subsidiaries:

  • Director, CAC, 2005 – present
  • Assistant to Operations Team, CAC, 2001 – 2002
  • Training & Development Coordinator, CAC, 1998 – 2001
  • See table on page 15 of the Proxy Statement for all periods of service on subsidiary boards

Candidate Statement:

As I approach 15 years of service on the Chugach Alaska Board, among the many people I am thankful for, my Aunt Peggy and Uncle Jim McDaniel have been instrumental in building my values for our community. They taught me to “speak from your heart.” Through Jim, I am related to the McDaniels, Makarkas and the Haltnesses. Through Peggy, I am claimed by my relatives throughout the Barnes family.

I remember a time when our region was coming out of a timber bankruptcy. I have watched our company turn around and thrive. As of the end of 2019, we have funded the following in cumulative shareholder benefits:

  • $150,400,000, corporate dividends
  • $5,300,000, Chugach shareholder trust dividends
  • $19,800,000, Elder dividends
  • $9,860,000 cumulative scholarships (Per CHF)

Through the corporation profits, the trusts, and the foundation, we have distributed $175,500,000 in dividends and nearly $10,000,000 in scholarships. This is truly amazing.

To accomplish these goals, our Board had to ensure our operating businesses yielded enough cash to fund the growth of these trusts, provide growth capital for the company while funding dividends, scholarships, and elder benefits on a consistent basis. All of these conditions have been met year after year. I have been blessed to witness how these funds have improved the lives of our families. We may have achieved the vision of becoming the most successful, educated region in the state. However, we are not done yet. With your vote, I promise to continue to support these initiatives.

Respectfully yours,

Matthew P. McDaniel