Violet F. Yeaton

Occupation: Manager, Planning and Grants, Southcentral Foundation

Other business experience during past 5 years:

  • Director, Alaska Community Action on Toxics

All periods of service at CAC and subsidiaries:

  • Director, CAC, 2005 – present
  • See table on page 15 of the Proxy Statement for all periods of service on subsidiary boards

Candidate Statement:


My name is Violet Yeaton and I am excited to announce that I am running as your Board Director for Chugach Alaska Corporation. I am from the village of Paluwik (Port Graham) and my parents were Thomas Young and Marie Malchoff. I lived in Port Graham for more than 30 years and I am proud to say I built a wonderful career there, as well as brought up both my children there. I am currently enrolled at Alaska Pacific University and I am pursuing a degree in business administration. Although I have more than 40 years of business experience, I am excited to enhance my current knowledge to help further my career.

I would like to start by sending out my thoughts and prayers to everyone that is being impacted by COVID-19. These are such uncertain times, and the normal that we all knew is just a memory. With so many unknowns, the right thing to do, such as a handshake, which conveys respect and trust, is currently a practice of the past. I do not think anyone was prepared for a time where our economy would be so suppressed because of the virus that is so pervasive and deadly.

Chugach Alaska management and Board of Directors have gone above and beyond to get us through these unprecedented times. Chugach assisted in pulling together the Chugach regional group to attend weekly phone meetings to discuss challenges related to COVID-19 in our communities. Chugach has taken many proactive steps to be responsive and to ensure shareholder value and financial strength. I am proud to say that our company is a strong financial company and is equipped to weather hard times.

I graciously ask for your continued support to focus on growing the company revenue, profitability as well as growing and diversifying our portfolio. The Board of Directors needs to approach the work with continued flexibility while we grapple with adapting to this new environment.

Please stay safe while taking care of yourself and your families. Our communities have survived epidemics in the past, and I know we will continue to thrive well into the future. I sincerely appreciate your support and I am sending you all good thoughts, prayers, and blessings.


Violet F. Yeaton