Chairman of Chugach Alaska Corporation (Chugach) Sheri Buretta had one word to describe Chugach being the recipient of the Alaska Journal of Commerce’s 2022 Best Workplace Alaska award. “Humbled,” Buretta said. “I’m truly humbled. It’s one thing for me and Chugach’s leadership to say that Chugach is one of Alaska’s best places to work – and we do at every opportunity – but it’s another thing entirely to have our employees share their candid feedback in an anonymous survey for Chugach and, in doing so, secure the Best Workplace recognition for our corporation.”

Chugach President Josie Hickel added, “The fact that Chugach is one of the best places to work in Alaska as recognized by the Alaska Journal of Commerce is a reflection of our incredible employees. The success we have enjoyed over the last 50 years was entirely made possible by each of their contributions.”

Hickel also touched on a word that was a major factor in securing the Best Workplace award. “As an Alaska Native Corporation, we are a for-profit company with a social mission. It takes more than employees to make this unique approach to business work and be successful; it takes a family. And that’s what we have here at Chugach, a family.”

This sentiment was echoed in the award survey results collected by the Alaska Journal of Commerce, with one respondent stating:

There are so many things that motivate me with our company, but the most important is that we’re family. I can’t emphasize this enough. If one of us has a tragedy in our life, everyone from our department to upper management asks how they can help. Whether it means time off, a fundraiser, donating airline miles, or delivering food to individuals to help, our company goes above and beyond.

Numerous data points in the Journal’s survey also show that Chugach earned this award on many fronts. For the scored statement “my company operates with strong values and ethics”, Chugach scored 6.59 out of 7 and for the statement “my company is socially responsible”, Chugach scored 6.41 out of 7.

Chugach’s conduct through the pandemic and emphasis on employee safety also gave Chugach an advantage in the award tabulations. For the statement “did your employer create good procedures so you could work effectively and stay connected to your team”, Chugach scored 6.29 out of 7. For the statement “I have confidence that our leaders are taking all the necessary measures to ensure our safety during the pandemic”, Chugach scored 6.42 out of 7.

A byproduct of the pandemic also scored high with respondents as several comments also mentioned appreciation for the opportunity to work from home some or all days of the week and how it allows for a better work-life balance and more flexibility to address family issues.

The regard with which our employees extend toward Chugach leadership was also a factor in securing the Best Workplace award. Multiple employees commented that they appreciate the accessibility, transparency, and integrity of Chugach’s senior management. When asked about their direct supervisor, many employees commented on appreciating their support, guidance, and encouragement.

“It’s definitely a two-way street,” Buretta concluded. “It’s a privilege to have the support and encouragement from our family of employees as we build upon our five-decade foundation and work towards placing Chugach on the path toward permanent prosperity.”

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