Chugach Alaska Corporation's (Chugach) annual Pek’stangiyaq Awards went to four employees in the Chugach family of companies whose outstanding contributions were each major factors in Chugach’s 2020 success. Moreover, these individuals championed Chugach’s Core Behaviors, exemplifying our company’s values and making Chugach a better company by the examples they set. Pek’stangiyaq is the Sugt’stun word for ‘Good Worker’, and the Good Workers of 2020 were:

Chugach Commercial Holdings

Lisa Arashiro, Heide & Cook

Lisa Arashiro was recognized for:

  • Shouldering responsibility for transitioning and integrating Special Projects from Service Department to Construction
  • Onboarding and training new employees
  • Working tirelessly to ensure invoices are structured correctly and developing templates for recurring contract requirements
  • Embodying Chugach’s Core Behaviors
  • Participating in community support activities and serving as a role model and teacher for employees

Chugach Government Solutions

Chris Hester, WCFS, Redstone Arsenal

Chris Hester was recognized for:
  • Being a proactive supervisor who has earned the respect of his employees and teammates as well as respect of customers
  • Seeking out process improvement options and completes goals
  • Embodying Chugach’s Core Behaviors
  • Ensuring the best customer support is provided to Redstone Arsenal
  • Empowering and teaching his team to problem solve and looks to continually improve processes and customer support

Chugach Government Solutions G&A

Borislava “Bobbi” Peycheva,
CGS’s Digital Solutions department

Bobby Peycheva was recognized for:
  • Being integral to implementing CEMS for CGS’s first site in 2020
  • Her analytical capabilities in designing processes that saved Chugach millions of dollars as well as savings in time on the project schedule
  • Creating data migration method that will benefit CGS for years to come
  • Embodying Chugach’s Core Behaviors
  • Empowering others by teaching and building processes that can be replicated and repeated
  • Continually making time for her co-workers to answer questions and share her knowledge

Chugach Alaska Corporation

David Phillips, Chugach’s Director of Lands

David Phillips was recognized for:

  • Working for Chugach for more than 24 years
  • Being Chugach’s top expert on lands & development resources
  • Always being ready to help others and pass along knowledge
  • Being instrumental in getting carbon program started
  • Embodying Chugach’s Core Behaviors
  • Helping Chugach to pursue avenues that create returns for Chugach

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