The 12 Months of Chugach Giving campaign is nearing its twelfth month with Abused Women’s Aid in Crisis (AWAIC) of Alaska being selected as our October winner and the tenth recipient of a $1,000 Chugach donation. The AWAIC submission was made by Holly Blackstone, who serves as Staff Accountant for Chugach Alaska Services.

AWAIC provides safe shelter and support services to women, men, and children affected by domestic violence. AWAIC strives to empower survivors with a full range of choices to make their own positive life decisions, providing support and encouragement along the way. AWAIC is committed not only to providing vital services to survivors of domestic violence, but also to preventing future violence through education and prevention.

When asked about what prompted her to submit AWAIC, Holly said, “Domestic violence is something we can strive to eliminate in our state with proper funding and education, and AWAIC helps support those in need and helps to prevent the cycle of domestic violence from recurring.”

While, today, Holly is a strong supporter of AWAIC and the role it serves to eliminate domestic violence, her support for AWAIC originated at an early age with the encouragement and example set by her grandmother. “As a child, my grandma always had us do a spring and fall clean up, and after these clean ups, we would donate clothing and other items to AWAIC to help those in need.”

This lifelong commitment to AWAIC has also been guided by the results this non-profit has consistently achieved. “They give women and children of abusive situations a fighting chance to live a life without that abuse,” Holly said. “I am over the moon happy that this incredible resource is getting some extra help!”

Chugach is proud to lend extra help to AWAIC through the 12 Months of Giving campaign, and those interested in providing additional help can do so by visiting the AWAIC donation page.

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