Glenn Potter

One of Chugach Alaska Corporation’s (Chugach) Core Behavior is ‘We Build Community’. This wasn’t a behavior created by Chugach and handed down to employees. Rather as a company, we saw this behavior in our employees and adopted it as model to strive toward. In the simplest terms, building community means that our employees always try to improve the communities where they live and work. Amidst the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, one of our employees in Florida and his family are showing us, once again, what it truly means to build community and to give back to those in need.

Glenn and Kimberly Potter, and their son Seth are taking part in a vital national trend. “We are making masks in house and have bigger goals to coordinate local efforts to make and distribute masks to organizations in need and health care facilities,” Glenn Potter said. “My wife Kimberly works in the medical field and because of the shortage of supplies, we are doing what we can to support those who are in dire need—medical professionals, first responders, and even those who are ill.”

The Potters are going beyond the mere utility of medical masks—a protective barrier that stands between the wearer and harmful air particles, including the coronavirus—to tailoring their masks in a way that is reducing the fear. “Our masks are made by hand and sewing machine with love, using patterns that promote smiles and hope (and protection).” Glenn went on to describe the durability of their handcrafted masks, though he touched on a caution. “Our masks are washable, and the filter is removable. As with anything used in healthcare, there are specific guidelines and safety measures that need to be followed. Masks appropriate for individual use may not be appropriate for hospital-wide use.”

Glenn was quick to take the spotlight off of himself and point to the group effort the Potters have undertaken and why it is so important. “It’s a Family effort, and my wife is a nurse, and I have to give her most of the credit,” Glenn said. “I just perform the supply, logistics, and quality control part. Our son Seth is a senor this year. He’s helping while he watches his prom and graduation and the last days of his school evaporate. The world completely changed a couple of weeks ago. The first responders are the boots on the ground, and they are the heroes we are supporting.”

Glenn Potter works for Wolf Creek Federal Range Operations Support, a subsidiary of Chugach Government Solutions (CGS). Glenn serves as Healthy, Safety, Environment & Quality Control Manager at Patrick Air Force Base in Florida. Chugach Alaska Corporation is proud of the role Glenn plays in CGS’s mission to support the United States Military, and we’re even more proud of the way he, his wife and his son have stepped up to do their part to end the COVID-19 crisis.

We will make to the other side of everything that COVID-19 puts before us, but it will take people like the Potters to make that happen. “It’s in times like these when helping and gratitude will become more important than ever,” Glenn concluded. “Make no mistake, in the weeks to come, we will need ten times our current discipline to stay focused and productive. When you find yourself struggling through times of uncertainty, like we all are right now, you have a choice to make. Will you be a victim or will you do something to improve the situation?”

Glenn, Kimberly and Seth have made their choice. Please join us in thanking them.

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