Left to Right: Valdez Mayor Sharon Scheidt, Tatitlek CEO Roy Totemoff, President and CEO of Chenega Chuck Totemoff, Chugach Chairman of the Board Sheri Buretta, Chugach President Josie Hickel

A groundbreaking ceremony for the Naswik groundbreaking was held among community leaders on May 22nd.

On May 22, 2023, The Tatitlek Corporation, Chenega Corporation and Chugach Alaska Corporation (Chugach) broke ground on Chugach Naswik (Naswik), a commercial, multi-purpose short-term housing facility in Valdez, Alaska. Leadership from the three corporations were on hand to officiate over the ceremony and to pledge their commitment to Valdez and the broader community of Prince William Sound.

“Chugach Naswik is part of Chugach’s 100-year strategic planning, which aims to create Intergenerational Prosperity for our people,” said Sheri Buretta, Chugach’s Board Chairman. “This facility will help our three corporations maintain the long-term contract we have on the Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS), create future development opportunities, and give us the ability to play a more active role in one of our region’s largest communities.”

Naswik is the Sugt’stun word for ‘look out’, a vantage point that offers a comprehensive view. When completed in the latter half of 2024, Naswik will offer premium short-term rentals, and workforce housing along with a gathering space for training and small events. “Naswik represents the kind of development we imagined when TCC began providing oil spill response services to Alyeska in Valdez nearly three decades ago –  affordable, short-term housing amid the region’s scarce options, to support training to expand employment opportunities for our Alaska Native shareholders,” said President Josie Hickel. “Most importantly, it is rooted in the Valdez community where Chugach Alaska Services (CAS) and TCC recently renewed long-term contracts on TAPS.”

CAS provides professional staffing to numerous TAPS locations that range from Valdez to Anchorage and Fairbanks, and TCC – named after its three partners: Tatitlek, Chenega, and Chugach – provides world-class oil spill response services and maintenance on TAPS.

“Sheri and I want to thank our shareholders and their families for joining us at the groundbreaking,” said Josie Hickel. “We would also like to thank Valdez Mayor Sharon Scheidt for speaking at the ceremony, and we would like to extend our gratitude to the representatives from Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, Avanti Development Partners, Watterson Construction, Spark Design, and the crowd of Valdez residents for taking part.”

“Community is the heart of this project, and the wide swath of attendance at the groundbreaking represents the inclusivity we envision for Naswik and – from our forward-looking, 100-year perspective — how we hope this facility will provide Valdez with a central hub for opportunities for generations to come,” Hickel proudly concluded.

In addition to commercial rentals, once the building is completed, Naswik will provide employment opportunities that will range from custodial work and groundskeeping to building maintenance. “Prior to opening the doors in 2024, Chugach will extend these positions first to our shareholders and then to the Valdez community,” Sheri Buretta shared. “And we hope that all who honored the Naswik groundbreaking with their attendance will be on hand for next year’s ribbon cutting.”

For current shareholder job opportunities in Valdez, visit tccalaska.com.

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