Chugach Alaska Corporation was proud to host a gathering of ANCSA community members to meet with Congresswoman Mary Peltola. The group shared their enthusiasm for Peltola’s win in the special election and offered their collective support for Peltola’s campaign in the upcoming November election.

Citing their defense of Alaska jobs and keen understanding of the issues facing our state, the ANCSA Regional Association (ARA) has endorsed Lisa Murkowski for U.S. Senate and Mary Peltola for the U.S. House of Representatives.

“Senator Murkowski has been a strong and reliable ally for Alaskans, and her leadership has been indispensable in our ongoing fight to fulfill the federal government’s promises to Alaska Native people,” said ARA President Kim Reitmeier. “Her unparalleled experience and relationships were critical to passing the infrastructure and energy bills that are bringing unprecedented levels of federal funds to Alaska, including crucial rural broadband and sanitation funding. At a time when Alaska is recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic and a recession, we need Senator Murkowski’s leadership and legislative skill more than ever.”

“A critical part of my role as U.S. Senator is to educate my colleagues, raise awareness about the unique issues and opportunities Alaska has, and to ensure the Senate understands just how different our state is from the rest of the country,” said Senator Lisa Murkowski. “Working together with ARA and their membership, I’m proud to have helped deliver real results on the issues that matter most to Alaska Native shareholders and their descendants, and look forward to continuing this important work over the next six years.”

ARA Board Chair Sophie Minich said: “Representative Peltola is making great strides for all Alaskans. She got to work immediately after her historic election, passing a bill for veterans’ food security through the House and supporting the Willow Project, which would bring jobs and economic development back to Alaska. Her commitment to finding bipartisan solutions and bringing her Alaska Native perspective to critical policy issues is inspiring to all of us.”

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the ANCSA Regional Association today,” said Representative Mary Peltola. “The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act is a foundational law for our state. ARA, and its individual Regional Corporation members, are deeply dedicated to ensuring that it continues to empower Alaska Natives. Their work, from promoting Native business development to offering shareholder scholarships, has resulted in ANCs becoming major economic drivers, ultimately uplifting all Alaskans.”


About ANCSA Regional Association (ARA): ARA represents the presidents and chief executive officers of the twelve land-based Alaska Native regional corporations that were created pursuant to the passage of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971. ARA’s member corporations are owned by more than 150,000 Alaska Native shareholders. Its purpose is to promote and foster the continued growth and economic strength of Alaska Native corporations on behalf of Alaska Native shareholders, descendants, and communities. Together, ANCSA corporations employ tens of thousands in Alaska and across the world, providing critical support for national industries as well as communities throughout Alaska. Learn more at

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