CYBER Express and Chugach Alaska Corporation (Chugach) are set to bring a first-of-its-kind car wash experience to Alaska. CYBER Express, an owner operated business, brings the car wash experience into the 21st century with the latest in wash technology, enhanced environmental standards, and a customer experience designed for the modern world.

CYBER Express’ partnership with Chugach presents a unique opportunity for Anchorage to pioneer these advancements while delivering a superior and eco-friendly car wash important to protecting and extending the life of our Alaska vehicles. “Partnering with Chugach means a lot to our organization. This is my hometown and I’m proud to launch our new brand here,” says Paul Horstkoetter, Co-Founder and Principal at CYBER Express Wash.

“Through Chugach’s investment in Cyber Express, we have the opportunity to bring novel car wash technology rooted in environmental responsibility to the Anchorage community, while continuing to diversify our portfolio of investments and creating value for our Alaska Native shareholders,” says Angie Astle, who serves as President of Chugach Investment Holdings LLC, under which the investment will be managed.

CYBER Express and Chugach are united in their commitment to the environment and sustainability. Not only does CYBER Express offer an elevated customer experience, but it also plans to address environmental concerns by championing a future-minded approach to innovation.

“We’ve baselined the best in the industry for water usage per vehicle and energy usage and look forward to making future announcements regarding our commitment to improve industry standards,” says Horstkoetter. “CYBER Express is designed with the proud car owner in mind, offering superior cleaning technology and shorter wait times. From our simple yet sophisticated aesthetic, to our state-of-the-art facilities and architecture, we’ve designed a customer experience that separates us from the rest in all the right ways.”

Leaning on their world-class team and hometown advantage, CYBER Express has compiled sites that benefit from the highest traffic counts in the state with convenient direct access for the consumer as evidenced by the first location at the gateway to the city on Highway 1, where 5th and 6th Avenue come together. CYBER Express strives to enhance each neighborhood in which it operates through thoughtful designs tailored specific to the community and location served. Together, CYBER Express and Chugach are on track to open additional locations within the first calendar year.

About CYBER Express Wash

CYBER Express Wash is a pioneering company in the car wash industry. With a diverse team of experts and a commitment to innovation, CYBER Express sets a new standard for quality, efficiency, and eco-friendly car washing. Through cutting-edge technology, eco-friendly solutions, and state-of-the-art design, CYBER Express leads industry standards with future-minded innovation. Through their diverse expertise spanning real estate, retail, and automotive, CYBER Express brings an unwavering commitment to excellence delivering a customer experience unmatched in the industry. Learn more at

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