Chugach held a virtual fundraiser for Rep. Young in June 2020

Chugach held a virtual fundraiser for Sen. Sullivan in June 2020

On Friday, Aug. 28th, the Chugach Board of Directors voted to endorse Sen. Dan Sullivan and Rep. Don Young for reelection.

“We’re grateful to both legislators for their unwavering support and leadership on issues critical to the Alaska Native community,” said Chairman of the Board and Interim President & CEO Sheri Buretta. “Notably, both Sen. Sullivan and Rep. Young have played a key role establishing Alaska Native Trusts, protecting the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Native 8(a) Program, fighting for COVID-19 relief for Alaska Natives and promoting self-determination in the delivery of healthcare to our people. The Board of Directors and I applaud their shared commitment to supporting the interests of our Alaska Native community.”

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