CYBER Express Wash Closes on New Supercenter Location in Midtown

CYBER’s new midtown property includes 35,000 sq. ft. of state-of-the-art indoor, climate-controlled design promising complete indoor wash and detail services year-round. “Alaskans understand the unique fears of having car doors frozen shut or having to vacuum in frigid temperatures; we’re eliminating these concerns altogether and taking it one step further–– consumers can now fully vacuum their vehicles, wash their mats, and more from the comfort of our fully indoor heated facilities,” says Paul Horstkoetter, Co-Founder of CYBER Express Wash.

CYBER’s Supercenter will be the first of its kind in the state, conveniently located in the heart of Anchorage. On average CYBER’s Supercenter promises an output of 350 exterior car washes per hour, with up to 60 fully detailed vehicles (interior and exterior) each hour. Average wait times for wash and full-service detail clock in at under 15 minutes, with an exterior only wash in just three minutes. CYBER’s time-sensitive and efficient cleaning, coupled with their strategic real estate positioning, guarantees convenience for busy Alaskans who are on-the-go.

CYBER’S Supercenter model is centered around the complementary intersection of technology and quality, says Horstkoetter. “Although our system is heavily automated, expertly trained staff are always on hand, allowing our customers to choose between an interactive or fully automated contactless experience. Our goal is two-fold: a top-notch best-in-class wash and the absolute best in customer service.”

With their added supercenter opening February 2024, CYBER provides additional value and services complimentary to future sites including Highway 1. At CYBER’s Supercenter, self-service interior vacuums are included with every car wash, even if washing at another site, pending CYBER membership.

CYBER’s Supercenter is a welcome addition to Anchorage’s midtown architecture and will serve to bolster the local economy, providing 70+ ongoing jobs in addition to facility construction and development.

CYBER’s business model is focused on increasing public access to high-quality car washing while fostering a culture of brand integrity from their state-of-the-art design and technology, to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) responsibility. “We see our Supercenter as the solution to Alaska’s year-round car washing needs, with environmental and quality assurances sure to make every car owner proud,” says Horstkoetter.

About CYBER Express Wash
Cyber Express is a pioneering company in the car wash industry. With a diverse team of experts and a commitment to innovation, Cyber Express sets new standards for quality, efficiency, and eco-friendly car washing. Through their cutting-edge technology and diverse expertise spanning real estate, retail, and automotive, Cyber Express brings an unwavering commitment to excellence delivering a customer experience unmatched in the industry. Learn more at

Chugach Announces Senior Leadership Changes

Peter Andersen has been appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Chugach. In his role as COO, Andersen will oversee growth strategy and operations for Chugach’s operating companies and investment portfolio, as well as the corporate Business Enterprise functions that support them.

Katherine Carlton is transitioning to Vice President of Operations for Chugach Commercial Holdings (CCH), wherein she will drive operational performance for Chugach’s commercial businesses.

Both Andersen and Carlton will serve as key members of Chugach’s executive leadership team to advance the corporation’s overarching strategic plan, supported by a deep bench of leadership with Interim CEO and EVP/CFO Angie Astle, President Josie Hickel, and Chugach Government Solutions (CGS) President, Scott Davis.

“Sustainable, long-term growth and stability remain our top priority for Chugach, and our recent appointments of Peter and Katherine underpin our pursuit of this,” said Chairman of the Board Sheri Buretta. “Together, they bring a 40-year combined tenure with Chugach. We believe their leadership and operations experience within our federal and commercial business lines will position our businesses to capitalize on future growth opportunities.”

Interim CEO Angie Astle stated, “If there’s one thing that the past several years has taught us, it is that change is inevitable – and necessary – in order to thrive. Both of these newly created roles will help drive operational efficiencies, leverage the strengths of our leaders, and enable quick decision-making at a pivotal time for our company.”

With more than two-and-a-half decades of leadership experience, Andersen most recently served as President of CCH. Prior to that, he held the position of President at Chugach Alaska Services and senior leadership positions at UIC Arctic Response Services and Alyeska Pipeline Service Company. During that time, he led a dedicated workforce of professionals and subject matter experts in operations, maintenance, training, and safety to provide services to large, complex client organizations. A lifelong Alaskan and Chugach shareholder born and raised in Cordova, Alaska, Andersen spent many years as a commercial fisherman in Prince William Sound, Kodiak Island, and the Bering Sea. Andersen has found many ways over the years of giving back and building community from serving on the board of the Providence Foundation to his current board role on the Prince William Sounds Science Center.

“These are exciting times to be a Chugach shareholder, a partner, an employee; and it has always been a great honor to be a leader at Chugach. I’m eager to be working to drive our Business Enterprise functions forward, working closely with our commercial, federal and investment leaders toward intergenerational prosperity,” said Andersen.

Originally from Cordova and a Chugach shareholder, Carlton started her Chugach career supporting its federal division, CGS, in 2005. She started in an entry level finance role and moved her way up to President and General Manager for the Education Division subsidiaries. Her leadership throughout her growth journey has been an asset within our federal division, and it is a natural progression for her to bring her experience and leadership to support our commercial division. Carlton currently serves as co-chair of Native American Contractors Association (NACA) and as the local board member of the Selective Service System for the State of Alaska.

Carlton added, “I’m so proud to be a Chugach shareholder and employee. I’ve been fortunate to build my career with the support of Chugach learning and growing all along the way. I’ve always tried to approach each new challenge with the questions, ‘How can I use my skills to be of service; and what do I need to learn so I can maximize my contribution?’ I’m honored and excited to serve Chugach and its shareholders in this new role.”

Chugach, TEC, and NVE Begin Developing Oil Spill Response Facility in Cordova

“Our people have served as stewards of the Prince William Sound region for thousands of years,” stated Sheri Buretta, Chairman of Chugach’s Board of Directors. “In the last three decades, Chugach, NVE, and TEC have advocated for the construction of a road and port facility at Shepard Point in Cordova to provide oil spill response services to better protect the lands, waters, and natural resources of our region.”

Since the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill (EVOS) in 1989, oil spill response efforts in PWS have improved and now meet the highest standards in the world. With state and federal regulations requiring response capabilities throughout the area, PWS is better protected than ever before; however, there has been one critical missing piece: Shepard Point.

The need for an oil spill response facility at Shepard Point was outlined in the EVOS Consent Decree, which established the necessity to have three oil spill response facilities located throughout PWS. The three proposed response facilities will ensure that all areas of the sound can be protected from oil spills. Without a third and final facility at Shepard Point, the eastern half of PWS – particularly the Copper River Basin –  is at greater risk for detrimental impacts from a major spill or marine accident.

“This is a historic development agreement that The Eyak Corporation has been involved in for decades. I am incredibly grateful for all the hard work by Chugach, NVE and TEC over many years to bring this important project to fruition,” TEC President and CEO Thomas Mack said.

A study of oceanic and meteorological conditions in the area around Cordova was conducted by the NVE to look at tides and water levels, sea-level trends, currents, winds, waves, and tsunamis. Results from this study identify Shepard Point as the optimal location for a response facility in the region, and the results of this study will be used to help in the design of the in-water facilities.

The official name for the facility is the Shepard Point Tribal Transportation Oil Spill Response and Marine Casualty Facility. The Facility will include a deep-water, all-tide dock, uplands facilities, and a road connecting the facility to the all-weather airport in Cordova, all of which are critical in transporting essential, out-of-region materials and personnel in the event of a significant spill.

“Our people are dependent on subsistence and commercial fishing, and improving critical rapid oil spill and marine casualty response capabilities in the area will help to safeguard our ancestral waters and the rich bounty these waters provide to our people and all Alaskans,” said Chugach President Josie Hickel. “The project will also enhance economic diversity in the area, and provide employment opportunities for Chugach shareholders, NVE tribal members, and locals.”

Construction of the Shepard Point Oil Spill Response Facility will begin in July 2023 and is expected to be completed in 2026.

About Chugach Alaska Corporation (Chugach):
Established in 1972 under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, Chugach Alaska Corporation exists to serve the interests of the Alaska Native people of the Chugach region with a focus on profitability, celebration of our heritage and ownership of our lands. Through responsible management of our lands, businesses and assets, we provide meaningful opportunities and benefits to our community of 2,900 shareholders. Chugach fulfills its mission through a range of investments and operating businesses that provide government, facilities and energy services. Learn more at

About The Eyak Corporation (TEC):
The Eyak Corporation is an Alaska Native Village Corporation formed under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement (ANCSA). The corporation’s mission is to return financial benefits to present and future shareholders through the development of economic opportunities and growth of assets while protecting the ownership of ANCSA lands and Native cultural heritage. More information can be found at

About the Native Village of Eyak (NVE):
The Native Village of Eyak is an Alaska Native Village mostly comprised of four distinct Alaska Native peoples (Eyak, Chugach Region People, Tlingit, and Athabaskan) who are organized together as a federally recognized tribe. The lands in this region have always been abundant lands and waters both for personal and commercial use through trading. Our traditional lands follow the boundaries set under ANCSA in 1971 and stretch across the Copper River Delta and Prince William Sound to encompass Middleton Island. There are many historical village sites across our lands, with the last traditional village annexed into the City of Cordova in the early 1900’s.  Today, ancient grave sites, longhouse remnants and culturally altered vegetation attest to the rich history of our homelands. NVE supports the revitalization of our traditional languages and culture through annual events and heritage preservation which includes subsistence activities, skin sewing, weaving and beading as well as exercising our sovereign rights to self-governance through self-determination. More information can be found at

PRESS RELEASE: Chugach Hosts Ceremony at AK Job Corps Center Honoring Congressman Don Young

Congressman Young’s career spanned five decades, during which he was a constant advocate for the State of Alaska, leading countless initiatives that have had an enduring and positive impact on residents and allowed the state to grow and prosper. The success story of the AKJCC is one of Young’s many accomplishments.

In the late 1980s, the Department of Labor was working to establish a Job Corps Center in Alaska. However, Congress did not see the need for a center in a state with such a small population. Congressman Young knew a center would have a significant benefit to Alaska, and began championing the cause and working tirelessly to obtain the necessary funding to build and operate the center. After years of advocacy, the AKJCC finally opened in 1994.

Without Congressman Young’s commitment, the AKJCC would not exist. In December 2022, to honor the pivotal contributions he made to the creation and success of the AKJCC, the United States Congress approved the renaming of the center to the Don Young Alaska Job Corps Center.

“We are so proud to have this opportunity to honor the legacy of Don Young and his five decades of service to Alaska and our people,” said Sheri Buretta, Chairman of Chugach’s Board of Directors, during the event. “I want to thank the members of Don Young’s family for taking part in the re-dedication ceremony, and I want to thank Gov. Dunleavy, Sen. Murkowski, Sen. Sullivan, Rep. Peltola, and Job Corps Deputy Administrator Raquel Rimpola for being on hand to mark this occasion. I also want to thank Community Leader Janet Kinkaid for both attending this ribbon cutting and for being at the AKJCC almost 30 years ago when the first ribbon was cut that opened the doors to this incredible facility.”

Chugach has operated and maintained the AKJCC since its doors first opened three decades ago, and has consistently ranked as one of the top performing Job Corps Centers in the nation, especially in the area of placing graduates in the workforce. The Center is playing a large role in solving the workforce shortage in the State of Alaska.

“It has been Chugach’s honor to partner with the Department of Labor to fulfill Congressman Young’s commitment to Alaska’s youth. One of Chugach’s core behaviors is empowering people, and we are proud of the students supported by the AKJCC’s mission.”

Chugach Appoints Angie Astle Interim CEO

In her role as interim CEO, Astle will be responsible for leading Chugach’s federal and commercial business lines and the 4,500 employees who support them. She will continue to serve as a key member of Chugach’s executive leadership team and will work closely with Chairman of the Board Sheri Buretta and President Josie Hickel to advance the corporation’s overarching strategic plan.

“Not only does Angie bring an impressive breadth and depth of credentials and experience to this critical position, but she has a proven track record and a sense of urgency we believe will be impactful in this role,” said Buretta. “We’re grateful for her leadership during a crucial time in Chugach’s transformation. The Board is confident Angie will provide stability to our organization, while continuing to chart Chugach’s course in the direction of growth.”

Astle has been with Chugach for more than a quarter century, climbing the ranks from the accounting department to become an integral member of the executive team in 2010. Prior to joining Chugach, she worked at Deloitte and Touche as a senior auditor serving a variety of clients including Alaska Native Corporations, banking institutions, and other for-profit organizations.

“I’m honored to continue working alongside the Board, executive leadership team, employees, and partners focused on Chugach’s legacy of improving the lives of its shareholders,” said Astle. “I’ve witnessed the corporation evolve throughout my 25-year tenure, and although we continue to navigate a challenging business environment, I believe Chugach has the financial strength and operational agility to create a more efficient and profitable corporation that can create sustainable value for the long-term.”

Astle has called Alaska home for three decades, and is a committed advocate for local non-profits, including leading Chugach’s annual Alaska Run for Women campaign and serving as an ambassador for the American Heart Association’s local chapter. She holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance and a master’s in accounting from University of Montana. She has been a Certified Public Accountant in Alaska since 1997, a Chartered Global Management Accountant and a current member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and Financial Executives International (FEI).

During this interim period, the Board has commenced a search for a permanent CEO, and has partnered with an executive search firm to identify exceptional candidates from Alaska and around the country.

Ronald McDonald House of Charleston Selected for 12 Months of Giving

Since its opening in 1983, RMHC Charleston’s goal is to keep families with children who are suffering from an illness together and close by essential resources. They offer families a comfortable place to stay near hospitals and provide them with daily hot meals daily. In addition, RMHC raises funds for families to eliminate the financial burden families may experience when caring for a sick child.

John Visbaras shared of RMHC Charleston “Each of my parents were diagnosed with cancer. Having cared for my mother for the better part of three years before she passed away, I can relate to the time, effort, and emotional and spiritual strains of providing care for a loved one with cancer.” Visbaras continued “In my opinion, there may not be a greater family burden than trying to comfort and heal a sick child.”

Phyllis Williamson, who submitted a second nomination for the RMHC Charleston shared “RMHC Charleston’s mission is important because they do so much for families in need and provide them with a place to stay and meals all within walking distance of MUSC Children’s Hospital. I have previously participated in volunteer work at the RMHC before, and by dedicating my time to helping these families, I feel a sense of community and feel like I am creating meaningful value, two of Chugach’s Core Behaviors. This organization eliminates the financial burden that can be put on families whose child requires an extended stay in the hospital. Rather than focusing on the financial strain and impact, families can focus their full attention on their child, as it should be.”

Thank you to John Visbaras and Phyllis Williamson for nominating the Ronald McDonald House Charities: Charleston for the 12 Months of Giving campaign. We are proud to recognize and support such an impactful organization that supports and provides for families in their time of need. The Ronald McDonald House Charities: Charleston will receive a $1,000 donation as part of the Chugach 12 Months of Giving program.

To learn more about the Ronald McDonald House Charities: Charleston, click here. Individual donations to this foundation can be made here. Nominations for the Chugach 12 Months of Giving campaign are still happening! To nominate an organization that is special to you, click here and take a few minutes to describe how this organization is having an impact on the community.

Alaska Native Corporation Partners Begin Developing ‘Naswik’ Multi-Use Facility in Valdez

“Chugach Naswik is part of Chugach’s 100-year strategic planning, which aims to create Intergenerational Prosperity for our people,” said Sheri Buretta, Chugach’s Board Chairman. “This facility will help our three corporations maintain the long-term contract we have on the Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS), create future development opportunities, and give us the ability to play a more active role in one of our region’s largest communities.”

Naswik is the Sugt’stun word for ‘look out’, a vantage point that offers a comprehensive view. When completed in the latter half of 2024, Naswik will offer premium short-term rentals, and workforce housing along with a gathering space for training and small events. “Naswik represents the kind of development we imagined when TCC began providing oil spill response services to Alyeska in Valdez nearly three decades ago –  affordable, short-term housing amid the region’s scarce options, to support training to expand employment opportunities for our Alaska Native shareholders,” said President Josie Hickel. “Most importantly, it is rooted in the Valdez community where Chugach Alaska Services (CAS) and TCC recently renewed long-term contracts on TAPS.”

CAS provides professional staffing to numerous TAPS locations that range from Valdez to Anchorage and Fairbanks, and TCC – named after its three partners: Tatitlek, Chenega, and Chugach – provides world-class oil spill response services and maintenance on TAPS.

“Sheri and I want to thank our shareholders and their families for joining us at the groundbreaking,” said Josie Hickel. “We would also like to thank Valdez Mayor Sharon Scheidt for speaking at the ceremony, and we would like to extend our gratitude to the representatives from Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, Avanti Development Partners, Watterson Construction, Spark Design, and the crowd of Valdez residents for taking part.”

“Community is the heart of this project, and the wide swath of attendance at the groundbreaking represents the inclusivity we envision for Naswik and – from our forward-looking, 100-year perspective — how we hope this facility will provide Valdez with a central hub for opportunities for generations to come,” Hickel proudly concluded.

In addition to commercial rentals, once the building is completed, Naswik will provide employment opportunities that will range from custodial work and groundskeeping to building maintenance. “Prior to opening the doors in 2024, Chugach will extend these positions first to our shareholders and then to the Valdez community,” Sheri Buretta shared. “And we hope that all who honored the Naswik groundbreaking with their attendance will be on hand for next year’s ribbon cutting.”

For current shareholder job opportunities in Valdez, visit

CYBER Express Partners with Chugach Alaska Corporation on New Business

CYBER Express’ partnership with Chugach presents a unique opportunity for Anchorage to pioneer these advancements while delivering a superior and eco-friendly car wash important to protecting and extending the life of our Alaska vehicles. “Partnering with Chugach means a lot to our organization. This is my hometown and I’m proud to launch our new brand here,” says Paul Horstkoetter, Co-Founder and Principal at CYBER Express Wash.

“Through Chugach’s investment in Cyber Express, we have the opportunity to bring novel car wash technology rooted in environmental responsibility to the Anchorage community, while continuing to diversify our portfolio of investments and creating value for our Alaska Native shareholders,” says Angie Astle, who serves as President of Chugach Investment Holdings LLC, under which the investment will be managed.

CYBER Express and Chugach are united in their commitment to the environment and sustainability. Not only does CYBER Express offer an elevated customer experience, but it also plans to address environmental concerns by championing a future-minded approach to innovation.

“We’ve baselined the best in the industry for water usage per vehicle and energy usage and look forward to making future announcements regarding our commitment to improve industry standards,” says Horstkoetter. “CYBER Express is designed with the proud car owner in mind, offering superior cleaning technology and shorter wait times. From our simple yet sophisticated aesthetic, to our state-of-the-art facilities and architecture, we’ve designed a customer experience that separates us from the rest in all the right ways.”

Leaning on their world-class team and hometown advantage, CYBER Express has compiled sites that benefit from the highest traffic counts in the state with convenient direct access for the consumer as evidenced by the first location at the gateway to the city on Highway 1, where 5th and 6th Avenue come together. CYBER Express strives to enhance each neighborhood in which it operates through thoughtful designs tailored specific to the community and location served. Together, CYBER Express and Chugach are on track to open additional locations within the first calendar year.

About CYBER Express Wash

CYBER Express Wash is a pioneering company in the car wash industry. With a diverse team of experts and a commitment to innovation, CYBER Express sets a new standard for quality, efficiency, and eco-friendly car washing. Through cutting-edge technology, eco-friendly solutions, and state-of-the-art design, CYBER Express leads industry standards with future-minded innovation. Through their diverse expertise spanning real estate, retail, and automotive, CYBER Express brings an unwavering commitment to excellence delivering a customer experience unmatched in the industry. Learn more at

TCC and Alyeska Pipeline Service Company Renew Contract for Oil Spill Prevention and Response Services

Sheri Buretta, Chugach Alaska Corporation Chairman of the Board, expressed her pride in having TCC continue to support the mission of Alyeska. “Our people have lived in Southcentral Alaska for more than 5,000 years, so we are committed to supporting the safe transportation of oil through our ancestral waters. I’m especially proud that the competency and qualifications of our people were instrumental in renewing this contract. We thank Alyeska for the professionalism they bring to Alaska’s oil industry, and we look forward to continuing to meet the high standards they have set over the last five decades.”

TCC was created after the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, bringing together the Alaska Native regional and village corporations most impacted in a venture focused on protecting the waters of Prince William Sound. TCC has successfully performed prevention and response services for Alyeska since 1994. During that time, TCC has provided oil spill and emergency response services, oil spill prevention support, and oil spill boom and equipment deployments during normal and emergency operations, drills, exercises, and training.

The renewal recognizes the exemplary care and performance TCC has shown for almost 30 years with a long-term contract that solidifies a shared commitment to protecting the environment of Prince William Sound and the surrounding region.

“Alyeska looks forward to continuing to pursue our shared commitment to responsibly operating in Prince William Sound,” said Betsy Haines, Alyeska’s Interim President.

Paul MacDonald, TCC General Manager touched on TCC’s longevity and the commitment that the organization, down to each individual, has to the success of the renewed contract. “I started my career at TCC almost 30 years ago. From the start as an oil spill response technician to where I am now, I’m proud of the work we do in protecting Prince William Sound not only for the region but also for the safety and well-being of our people and community.” MacDonald continued, “As a member of the community, I truly believe we are the best suited for the task.”

About TCC:
TCC is a partnership between the Tatitlek Corporation, the Chenega Corporation and the managing partner Chugach Alaska Corporation. TCC commits to honoring our responsibilities as guardians of Prince William Sound by actively preventing and effectively responding to any oil spill, preserving the land, waters, and wildlife for future generations. Learn more at

Wounded Warrior Project Selected as 12 Months of Giving Recipient