Alaska Native Corporation Partners Begin Developing ‘Naswik’ Multi-Use Facility in Valdez

“Chugach Naswik is part of Chugach’s 100-year strategic planning, which aims to create Intergenerational Prosperity for our people,” said Sheri Buretta, Chugach’s Board Chairman. “This facility will help our three corporations maintain the long-term contract we have on the Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS), create future development opportunities, and give us the ability to play a more active role in one of our region’s largest communities.”

Naswik is the Sugt’stun word for ‘look out’, a vantage point that offers a comprehensive view. When completed in the latter half of 2024, Naswik will offer premium short-term rentals, and workforce housing along with a gathering space for training and small events. “Naswik represents the kind of development we imagined when TCC began providing oil spill response services to Alyeska in Valdez nearly three decades ago –  affordable, short-term housing amid the region’s scarce options, to support training to expand employment opportunities for our Alaska Native shareholders,” said President Josie Hickel. “Most importantly, it is rooted in the Valdez community where Chugach Alaska Services (CAS) and TCC recently renewed long-term contracts on TAPS.”

CAS provides professional staffing to numerous TAPS locations that range from Valdez to Anchorage and Fairbanks, and TCC – named after its three partners: Tatitlek, Chenega, and Chugach – provides world-class oil spill response services and maintenance on TAPS.

“Sheri and I want to thank our shareholders and their families for joining us at the groundbreaking,” said Josie Hickel. “We would also like to thank Valdez Mayor Sharon Scheidt for speaking at the ceremony, and we would like to extend our gratitude to the representatives from Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, Avanti Development Partners, Watterson Construction, Spark Design, and the crowd of Valdez residents for taking part.”

“Community is the heart of this project, and the wide swath of attendance at the groundbreaking represents the inclusivity we envision for Naswik and – from our forward-looking, 100-year perspective — how we hope this facility will provide Valdez with a central hub for opportunities for generations to come,” Hickel proudly concluded.

In addition to commercial rentals, once the building is completed, Naswik will provide employment opportunities that will range from custodial work and groundskeeping to building maintenance. “Prior to opening the doors in 2024, Chugach will extend these positions first to our shareholders and then to the Valdez community,” Sheri Buretta shared. “And we hope that all who honored the Naswik groundbreaking with their attendance will be on hand for next year’s ribbon cutting.”

For current shareholder job opportunities in Valdez, visit

CYBER Express Partners with Chugach Alaska Corporation on New Business

CYBER Express’ partnership with Chugach presents a unique opportunity for Anchorage to pioneer these advancements while delivering a superior and eco-friendly car wash important to protecting and extending the life of our Alaska vehicles. “Partnering with Chugach means a lot to our organization. This is my hometown and I’m proud to launch our new brand here,” says Paul Horstkoetter, Co-Founder and Principal at CYBER Express Wash.

“Through Chugach’s investment in Cyber Express, we have the opportunity to bring novel car wash technology rooted in environmental responsibility to the Anchorage community, while continuing to diversify our portfolio of investments and creating value for our Alaska Native shareholders,” says Angie Astle, who serves as President of Chugach Investment Holdings LLC, under which the investment will be managed.

CYBER Express and Chugach are united in their commitment to the environment and sustainability. Not only does CYBER Express offer an elevated customer experience, but it also plans to address environmental concerns by championing a future-minded approach to innovation.

“We’ve baselined the best in the industry for water usage per vehicle and energy usage and look forward to making future announcements regarding our commitment to improve industry standards,” says Horstkoetter. “CYBER Express is designed with the proud car owner in mind, offering superior cleaning technology and shorter wait times. From our simple yet sophisticated aesthetic, to our state-of-the-art facilities and architecture, we’ve designed a customer experience that separates us from the rest in all the right ways.”

Leaning on their world-class team and hometown advantage, CYBER Express has compiled sites that benefit from the highest traffic counts in the state with convenient direct access for the consumer as evidenced by the first location at the gateway to the city on Highway 1, where 5th and 6th Avenue come together. CYBER Express strives to enhance each neighborhood in which it operates through thoughtful designs tailored specific to the community and location served. Together, CYBER Express and Chugach are on track to open additional locations within the first calendar year.

About CYBER Express Wash

CYBER Express Wash is a pioneering company in the car wash industry. With a diverse team of experts and a commitment to innovation, CYBER Express sets a new standard for quality, efficiency, and eco-friendly car washing. Through cutting-edge technology, eco-friendly solutions, and state-of-the-art design, CYBER Express leads industry standards with future-minded innovation. Through their diverse expertise spanning real estate, retail, and automotive, CYBER Express brings an unwavering commitment to excellence delivering a customer experience unmatched in the industry. Learn more at

TCC and Alyeska Pipeline Service Company Renew Contract for Oil Spill Prevention and Response Services

Sheri Buretta, Chugach Alaska Corporation Chairman of the Board, expressed her pride in having TCC continue to support the mission of Alyeska. “Our people have lived in Southcentral Alaska for more than 5,000 years, so we are committed to supporting the safe transportation of oil through our ancestral waters. I’m especially proud that the competency and qualifications of our people were instrumental in renewing this contract. We thank Alyeska for the professionalism they bring to Alaska’s oil industry, and we look forward to continuing to meet the high standards they have set over the last five decades.”

TCC was created after the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, bringing together the Alaska Native regional and village corporations most impacted in a venture focused on protecting the waters of Prince William Sound. TCC has successfully performed prevention and response services for Alyeska since 1994. During that time, TCC has provided oil spill and emergency response services, oil spill prevention support, and oil spill boom and equipment deployments during normal and emergency operations, drills, exercises, and training.

The renewal recognizes the exemplary care and performance TCC has shown for almost 30 years with a long-term contract that solidifies a shared commitment to protecting the environment of Prince William Sound and the surrounding region.

“Alyeska looks forward to continuing to pursue our shared commitment to responsibly operating in Prince William Sound,” said Betsy Haines, Alyeska’s Interim President.

Paul MacDonald, TCC General Manager touched on TCC’s longevity and the commitment that the organization, down to each individual, has to the success of the renewed contract. “I started my career at TCC almost 30 years ago. From the start as an oil spill response technician to where I am now, I’m proud of the work we do in protecting Prince William Sound not only for the region but also for the safety and well-being of our people and community.” MacDonald continued, “As a member of the community, I truly believe we are the best suited for the task.”

About TCC:
TCC is a partnership between the Tatitlek Corporation, the Chenega Corporation and the managing partner Chugach Alaska Corporation. TCC commits to honoring our responsibilities as guardians of Prince William Sound by actively preventing and effectively responding to any oil spill, preserving the land, waters, and wildlife for future generations. Learn more at

Wounded Warrior Project Selected as 12 Months of Giving Recipient

Chugach Announces 2022 Pek’stangiyaq ‘Good Worker’ Award Recipients

Chugach Alaska Corporation: Lindsy Townsend, Assistant to the Chairman: Lindsy is the glue that holds not just the Community Value Centers together, but all of Chugach. Lindsy supports the Chairman and the Board masterfully with a constant smile and infectious laugh. In 2022, Lindsy led a team of executives, employees, lawyers, and consultants to implement two important changes to the Shareholder Annual Meeting – candidate background checks and electronic proxy voting. Lindsy also builds community through her involvement on the Chugach Employee Engagement Team (CEET), where she contributes at meetings, is a key conduit to the Chairman and Executives, and attends events to provide support. Lindsy brings a level of energy that encompasses the intensity needed to meet the never-ending challenges that she is faced with in her role supporting the Chairman.

Chugach Government Solutions (CGS), Project Site: Paul “Nelson” Scott, NAS Fallon
As a Maintenance Planner at NAS Fallon, Nelson has been a key driver in enhancements to CEMS. This year, Nelson provided on-site support and project management for the delivery of the first Mobile Maximo platform for CGS. Nelson was a stakeholder in the vendor selection process, providing operational insight through the scoping phase, and managed onsite user acceptance testing. This project will bring mobile technology to other sites, enhance customer offerings, streamline workflow and create an elevated employee experience. Further, Nelson provided project management support in the implementation of CGS’s first Robotics Process Automation (RPA) project. His peers shared of him, “Nelson builds community – he is a team player who incorporates input and ideas. He always seeks to improve communications and product development with an enterprise vision.

CGS, G&A, Jesse Aitchison-Ostrowski
Jesse is the Talent Acquisition Manager for CGS’s Corporate HR. Jesse is an incredible team player, making it her mission to keep team morale high. Jesse does an amazing job of keeping the Chugach culture front and center with her main goal being to help everyone feel included. Jesse knows our culture and values and it shows in everything that she does. Jesse gives her team autonomy in their positions as well as provides many opportunities for growth and learning. Since Jesse got the recruitment team up and running, the number of applications received per month increased 100%. The recruitment team has received many thanks under Jesse’s direction. One of her employees shared, “She is the first to admit fault and never asks for praise, but I truly think she deserves it because she works so tirelessly for us!”


Chugach Commercial Holdings (CCH): Dee Pletnikoff, Office Manager
Dee Pletnikoff joined the CCH team from the Chugach corporate team earlier this year as the Office Manager and has quickly been dubbed the “Mayor of CCH.” If there’s a need, she’s the first to see it and start working toward any resolution needed. It is her nature to go the extra mile from coordinating all CCH volunteer opportunities, participating in the Chugach Employee Engagement Team (CEET), or organizing customer events ensuring we’re always putting our best foot forward. In short, Dee has quickly become an absolutely integral member of the team – hands down, CCH’s employee of the year!

Employee Survey Earns Chugach a Title as “Best Place to Work” by the Alaska Journal of Commerce

Chugach President Josie Hickel added, “The fact that Chugach is one of the best places to work in Alaska as recognized by the Alaska Journal of Commerce is a reflection of our incredible employees. The success we have enjoyed over the last 50 years was entirely made possible by each of their contributions.”

Hickel also touched on a word that was a major factor in securing the Best Workplace award. “As an Alaska Native Corporation, we are a for-profit company with a social mission. It takes more than employees to make this unique approach to business work and be successful; it takes a family. And that’s what we have here at Chugach, a family.”

This sentiment was echoed in the award survey results collected by the Alaska Journal of Commerce, with one respondent stating:

There are so many things that motivate me with our company, but the most important is that we’re family. I can’t emphasize this enough. If one of us has a tragedy in our life, everyone from our department to upper management asks how they can help. Whether it means time off, a fundraiser, donating airline miles, or delivering food to individuals to help, our company goes above and beyond.

Numerous data points in the Journal’s survey also show that Chugach earned this award on many fronts. For the scored statement “my company operates with strong values and ethics”, Chugach scored 6.59 out of 7 and for the statement “my company is socially responsible”, Chugach scored 6.41 out of 7.

Chugach’s conduct through the pandemic and emphasis on employee safety also gave Chugach an advantage in the award tabulations. For the statement “did your employer create good procedures so you could work effectively and stay connected to your team”, Chugach scored 6.29 out of 7. For the statement “I have confidence that our leaders are taking all the necessary measures to ensure our safety during the pandemic”, Chugach scored 6.42 out of 7.

A byproduct of the pandemic also scored high with respondents as several comments also mentioned appreciation for the opportunity to work from home some or all days of the week and how it allows for a better work-life balance and more flexibility to address family issues.

The regard with which our employees extend toward Chugach leadership was also a factor in securing the Best Workplace award. Multiple employees commented that they appreciate the accessibility, transparency, and integrity of Chugach’s senior management. When asked about their direct supervisor, many employees commented on appreciating their support, guidance, and encouragement.

“It’s definitely a two-way street,” Buretta concluded. “It’s a privilege to have the support and encouragement from our family of employees as we build upon our five-decade foundation and work towards placing Chugach on the path toward permanent prosperity.”

To learn more about Chugach’s Best Workplace Alaska award and the other incredible Alaska businesses who were nominated, go to

Chugach Employees Select Covenant House for 12 Months of Giving

Since opening in 1988, Covenant House has provided a safe space for youth experiencing homelessness and supporting at-risk youth, including young parents and human trafficking survivors, by providing housing and shelter services, education, employment, and enrichment programs.

Katherine Carlton shared of CHA, “The last four years of my life have been dedicated to working with our underserved youth through Job Corps. This no-cost program is a natural fit for a partnership with organizations such as Covenant House, so we can reach the ultimate goal of moving youth to stability, independent living, and careers. Every young person deserves a chance to reach success and organizations like Covenant House provide that opportunity.”

Tonia Burrough added “Every child, young parent, or human trafficking survivor deserves a safe place to eat, sleep, receive clothing, and medical attention – especially if they are homeless. These children are the next generation, and they deserve an opportunity to become functional adults in society.”

On November 17th, CHA held the 2022 Great Alaska Sleep Out, Covenant House’s annual fundraising event. Many members of the Chugach leadership team participated, Chugach’s participants raised more than $80,000 and braved the cold weather in support of the Covenant House.

To learn more about Covenant House Alaska, click here. Individual donations to this non-profit can be made here.

Chugach Alaska Corporation Receives Gold Pan Award from Anchorage Chamber

The Gold Pan Awards recognize local businesses each year that demonstrate business excellence, entrepreneurial excellence, and distinguished community service. Business Excellence nominees are evaluated based on the quality and innovation of their goods or services, contributions to the economic vitality of Anchorage, and proven track record of adaptability and sustainability.

Chairman of the Board Sheri Buretta accepted the award on behalf of Chugach during the Chamber Met Gala: A Night of Alaskan Art, held Friday, Nov. 18 at the Dena’ina Center.

“To accept the Gold Pan Award in the same year that we celebrate Chugach’s 50th golden anniversary is an honor,” said Chugach Chairman Sheri Buretta. “For five decades, our people have honed the critical skill of resilience – not only surviving but thriving in the face of hardship. I know our original founders would be proud to see that our current leaders and employees have continued to carry their legacy forward to create growth for the corporation and prosperity for our people.”

A video highlighting Chugach’s award nomination criteria can be found below.

For more on the Gold Pan Awards visit:

Chugach Communications Team Receives Three Awards from Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)

  • 1st Place, Aurora Award: Crisis Communications
  • 1st Place, Award of Excellence: Writing Portfolio
  • 2nd Place, Award of Excellence: Annual Report

The award ceremony brought fierce competition from public relations, marketing and employee communications campaigns across the state.

“The Chugach team is honored to receive these recognitions, and to be in the company of Alaska’s talented public relations professionals,” said Director of Marketing & Communications Randi Jo Gause. “We recognize the importance of adapting and exploring new ways to connect with our shareholders, employees, customers, and community members. I’m exceptionally proud of our marketing and communications department, and our partners at Yuit Communications, who help us bring our visions to life.”

Congratulations to all of this year’s PRSA awardees.

About PRSA
The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) is the nation’s leading professional organization serving the communications community. The PRSA Alaska Chapter was established in 1976 to connect communications professionals working in the Last Frontier. PRSA is the principal advocate for industry excellence and ethical conduct and provides members lifelong learning opportunities and leading-edge resources to enhance professional connections and support them at every stage of their career. With nearly 30,000 members, PRSA is collectively represented by 110 Chapters and 14 Professional Interest Sections, and on nearly 375 college and university campuses through its student organization, the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). For more information, please visit

ANCSA Regional Association Endorses Lisa Murkowski for U.S. Senate and Mary Peltola for U.S. Congress

“Senator Murkowski has been a strong and reliable ally for Alaskans, and her leadership has been indispensable in our ongoing fight to fulfill the federal government’s promises to Alaska Native people,” said ARA President Kim Reitmeier. “Her unparalleled experience and relationships were critical to passing the infrastructure and energy bills that are bringing unprecedented levels of federal funds to Alaska, including crucial rural broadband and sanitation funding. At a time when Alaska is recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic and a recession, we need Senator Murkowski’s leadership and legislative skill more than ever.”

“A critical part of my role as U.S. Senator is to educate my colleagues, raise awareness about the unique issues and opportunities Alaska has, and to ensure the Senate understands just how different our state is from the rest of the country,” said Senator Lisa Murkowski. “Working together with ARA and their membership, I’m proud to have helped deliver real results on the issues that matter most to Alaska Native shareholders and their descendants, and look forward to continuing this important work over the next six years.”

ARA Board Chair Sophie Minich said: “Representative Peltola is making great strides for all Alaskans. She got to work immediately after her historic election, passing a bill for veterans’ food security through the House and supporting the Willow Project, which would bring jobs and economic development back to Alaska. Her commitment to finding bipartisan solutions and bringing her Alaska Native perspective to critical policy issues is inspiring to all of us.”

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the ANCSA Regional Association today,” said Representative Mary Peltola. “The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act is a foundational law for our state. ARA, and its individual Regional Corporation members, are deeply dedicated to ensuring that it continues to empower Alaska Natives. Their work, from promoting Native business development to offering shareholder scholarships, has resulted in ANCs becoming major economic drivers, ultimately uplifting all Alaskans.”


About ANCSA Regional Association (ARA): ARA represents the presidents and chief executive officers of the twelve land-based Alaska Native regional corporations that were created pursuant to the passage of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971. ARA’s member corporations are owned by more than 150,000 Alaska Native shareholders. Its purpose is to promote and foster the continued growth and economic strength of Alaska Native corporations on behalf of Alaska Native shareholders, descendants, and communities. Together, ANCSA corporations employ tens of thousands in Alaska and across the world, providing critical support for national industries as well as communities throughout Alaska. Learn more at