What is The Think Tank’s proposed alternative?

The Think Tank’s proposed plan is just one of many viable alternatives to the current EVOS Trust model. The New Vision for EVOS proposal outlines how the remaining monies could be used more efficiently if they are transferred to the Alaska Community Foundation (ACF), an organization better equipped to manage and distribute these resources than the current administration. This new method of disbursement would also reduce administrative costs from nearly half of every dollar to just 7 cents . That means significantly more funding available to direct to communities and research. That also means benefits in perpetuity when managed correctly as opposed to the current spend down plan.

The New Vision for EVOS proposal supports the following key concepts:

  • Establish permanent endowments for four critical entities providing scientific research, cultural preservation, and human services within the spill impacted region, specifically: the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward, the Prince William Sound Science Center in Cordova, the Alutiiq Museum, and the Chugach Heritage Foundation.
  • With the remaining funds, establish a competitive and transparent grant program for all oil-spill impacted communities, with grant decisions recommended by a panel of regional leaders. Also establish an Ocean Research fund to support local and regional research studies long-term.