Hawaii is known for its sunshine and warm sandy beaches. But on the day that Heide & Cook (H&C) showed up at the Mililani Mauka Shopping Center to swap out 28 massive air conditioning units, the island paradise wasn’t exactly an island paradise.

The Mililani Mauka Shopping Center is home to the Mililani Theaters, one of Hawaii’s largest movie cinemas. With the amount of daily business and the huge theater crowds, the swap out and the weather conditions created additional levels of complexity for the H&C crew.

“Every job is unique,” said Todd Williams, President of H&C. “This job was especially challenging with the theater having to remain open during our construction work. Noise and traffic were definitely a critical customer concern.”

H&C has been operating in the Hawaiian Islands for more than seven decades. During that time, H&C has repeatedly delivered solutions that help facility owners get the most out of their businesses, with minimal disruptions. Seventy years of attention to detail and a customer-first approach to business allowed H&C to meet the requirements of this difficult job and completed the work a full day ahead of schedule.

“Rain fell during the entire project, but we got the job done safely, and we beat our timeline,” Williams recalled. “Our crews are veterans at this kind of work, even during incremental weather. This competency translates into real value and real savings for our customers.”

H&C installed the 28 air conditioners quietly, as specified by the client, even with the use of a 200-ton crane. Visitors to the center and theater patrons experienced minimal traffic interruptions, and all of the affected businesses were able to maintain normal hours of operation.

Jennifer Decoite, Property Manager for Mililani Mauka, thanked H&C for a job well done. “All of the units were installed ahead of schedule, and due to the success of H & C, we did not need a security guard on the property [who would have been necessary with the original timeline].”

H&C has a simple yet ambitious vision: To be the premier integrated facilities services provider across the islands of Hawaii. H&C, a recent acquisition of Chugach Alaska Corporation, is on track to fulfill their vision by adhering to the five core behaviors that has ensured the success of Chugach and its family of companies.

The Mililani project provides a perfect example of creating meaningful value for clients and customers. H&C’s strong experience translated into minimal-to-zero impact to business and additional savings were realized with the work completed ahead of schedule.

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