Our Purpose

Chugach is committed to sustainable growth for our shareholders and our corporation. Our family of companies provide government services, facilities services and energy services to customers worldwide. A diversified portfolio allows us to provide meaningful benefits that empower current and future generations of shareholders.

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celebration of
our heritage

Preserving our culture and way of life
as we build our future.

Advancing the Next Generation

Chugach’s shareholder programs and benefits focus on enhancing the cultural identity, and social and economic development of our people. In 2018, Chugach returned $2.5 million in shareholder programs and benefits, from educational and professional development opportunities, to dividends and cultural programs. In the past decade, that number reaches $57.6 million.

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of Our Lands

The foundation of our
corporation and our culture

Harnessing the Potential of Our Lands, Providing for Our People

The Chugach region spans nearly one million acres in southcentral Alaska, including 378,000 acres of full fee estate, and 550,000 acres of subsurface estate. Our land management strategy includes projects that stimulate economic development within our communities and support shareholder benefits, while also caring for the land for future generations.