Five Core Behaviors guide the decisions we make at Chugach Alaska Corporation (Chugach), even when it comes to a remodel of our corporate headquarters. One of these behaviors is We Build Community, and this means that we strive to improve the communities where we live and work.

The Alaska Legal Services Corporation (ALSC) has a similar goal. Established in 1967, ALSC offers free civil legal services to low income and disadvantaged people to protect their safety, their health, and promote family stability. So where do a remodel and a private, nonprofit law firm intersect? ALSC became the home of a number of furnishings that we replaced during our renovation.

Nikole Nelson, Executive Director of ALSC, shared a letter with Chugach expressing ALSC’s gratitude for the donation. “On behalf of everyone at ALSC, we would like to thank Chugach for the office furniture. The wonderful gifts were put to work right away! The chairs have created a welcoming waiting area for our clients, and the desks are being put to great use by our staff.”

Nelson continued, touching on the true significance of what the contribution meant to the law firm. “Donations like this are what make our day-to-day operations possible and allow us to provide excellent free legal help to those who need it most. Thank you so much for thinking of us!”

Melanie Osborne wears multiple hats in her many roles at Chugach. Chief Compliance Officer and Executive Vice President to name a few, but her duties as Chugach’s General Counsel gives her a special connection to ALSC. “As an attorney and an Alaskan, ALSC is near and dear to my heart. As lower-income Alaskans grapple with issues affecting their families, homes, incomes and access to vital services such as health care, it is so important that we have these services available to provide advice and self-help resources for navigating the court system,” Melanie said. “I’m humbled by the incredible work of ALSC and Chugach is honored to continue building community by supporting ALSC.”

To learn more about ALSC and the great work they do, click here. Chugach’s Five Core Behaviors are:

  • We do things the right way
  • We create meaningful value
  • We empower people
  • We build community
  • We leave things better than we found them

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