Chugach Leadership always looks forward to our Annual Company Picnic. At the heart of this tradition is a thank you from Chugach to all of our shareholders and the employees who make Chugach’s success possible. Given the COVID-19 health mandates and the need for social distancing, Chugach had to cancel the 2020 picnic, but we refused to cancel our thank you.

This thank you was delivered in the form of picnic packages that we shared with all of our Anchorage-based employees. Friday, July 10, members of Chugach leadership met in a socially distant and safe fashion and handed out swag and care packages full of tasty summer treats.

The day centered around volunteers and our leadership team working a drive-through pickup line that allowed employees to pull, open their trunks or hatchbacks and have care packages safely placed in vehicles for a non-contact handoff.

While distance was maintained throughout the day, Chugach leadership team was able express their gratitude in person, from a safe distance, and say thank you in person. There weren’t any handshakes or hugs, but there were definitely waves and fond hellos.

The excess packages, totaling approximately $2500 in food items were taken down to Bean’s Café, a local non-profit that has been serving the needs of the hungry and homeless in Anchorage since 1979. In addition, the Bean’s Café Children’s Lunchbox program provides meals to hungry children. The mission of the organization is to fight hunger for all ages, one meal at a time, while providing a pathway to self-sufficiency with dignity and respect.

In all, it was an incredible day. The Chugach employees, after spending a summer apart, were able to briefly and safely connect with one another, and Chugach as a whole was able to stand by our Core Behavior of We Build Community. Simply put, building community means that our employees always try to improve the places where we live and work or, on this day, community improvement was a contribution that eased the hunger of the Bean’s Café clients.

The following slideshow showcases the fun had by our volunteers and leadership team.

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