This year’s Chugach Alaska Run For Women (AKRFW) Fundraising Campaign offered a moment to reflect on current circumstances followed by a cause for celebration. Every year, Chugach employees rally around the AKRFW. The occasion culminates in a team photo that typically numbers well over a 100 people who have made a donation to the race’s effort to defeat cancer. Our team then shows up in force to take part in the festive race held near downtown Anchorage.

With the COVID-19 shutdowns and the need to social distance, assembling people together for a group photo was simply not possible. In addition, the race that draws huge crowds to Anchorage’s Mulcahy Stadium had to go virtual, i.e., team members ran separate races in separate locations. The race went on, but in a socially distanced fashion, so sadly, the in-person coming together of our team didn’t happen.

While we couldn’t stand together like we have in years past, that didn’t stop the Chugach Team from uniting together to raise nearly $12,400 for the AKRFW, the highest team total for this year’s race. Additionally, Chugach is proud to report that 192 people – employees, family, friends and business partners – joined our team, and that also set a record for the largest team to raise funds for this year’s race.

Chugach employees live by five Core Behaviors that guide everything we do:

  • We do things the right way
  • We create meaningful value
  • We empower people
  • We build community
  • We leave things better than we found them

Chugach’s annual AKRFW campaign is a clear demonstration that our Core Behaviors are alive and well. Making a donation to defeat cancer is, by and far, the right thing to do. Donating to a worthy cause is so very meaningful. This campaign is employee driven, meaning that our employees are empowered on their own accord to take a stand against cancer. Our employees make a difference in the communities where they live and work, and making AKRFW donations builds our community for the common good. Finally, someday soon, a cure for cancer will be found, and donations made to the AKFRW will have contributed to that historic day, and that’s how you leave things better than you found them – one donation at a time.

Tammy Morton, co-captain of Chugach’s AKRFW Team, expressed her gratitude to all who took part this year and in years past. “A huge thank you to our team! For the last five years, we have fielded the largest AKRFW teams, AND we’ve raised the most donations in that same time period! In total, Chugach has raised almost $88,000 for the AKRFW! Thank you for your support. Each of you are true champions in the fight against breast cancer and your efforts make the AKRFW the success that it has become!”

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