Every year, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company (Alyeska) recognizes exceptional work, talent, individuals and partnerships with its Atigun Awards. Named after the highest point on the Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) – Atigun Pass in the Brooks Mountain Range – the Atigun Awards encourage the people who work for Alyeska and its host of supporting contractors to maintain the highest standards for operations and safety in the oil industry.

Chugach Alaska Services (CAS), a longtime contractor on TAPS, is proud to be the recipient of the 2021 Atigun Award for TAPS Contractor of the Year. As part of the award recognition, Alyeska officials stated, “Thanks to your organization and staff for your critical work in supporting Alyeska and the many people working on TAPS every day. Your organization’s dedication and your workforce’s skill is crucial in the collective effort to safely operate and maintain TAPS.”

Ryan Kegley serves as Vice President of Projects and Support for Chugach Commercial Holdings, the managing subsidiary of CAS. Upon receiving the Atigun Award, Kegley said, “The award was presented to CAS for going beyond being a safe contractor to being a cost-effective, solution-based partner who offered Alyeska the best continued alternative for the services we provide,” Kegley continued, “The value we bring to the table was further demonstrated in our successful proposal that will expand CAS’ scope of work in 2022 with Alyeska’s Training Administration Services contract.”

TAPS has safely and reliably moved oil from the North Slope, across 800 miles of Alaska to Valdez for nearly four-and-a-half decades. The amount of oil that has flowed through the pipeline currently stands at more than 18-billion barrels of oil, making TAPS critical to the security and energy independence of the United States. Many of Chugach Alaska Corporation’s Alaska-based subsidiaries have worked on TAPS through various contracts since oil started to flow in 1977. “Receiving the Atigun Award and meeting our commitments to TAPS during the last year through the challenges posed by the pandemic are definitely a high point in our TAPS’ history,” Kegley said. “And we look forward to building on this proud legacy and to a continued partnership with Alyeska for decades and decades to come.”

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