How the Different Villages Started in Prince William Sound



There was an old village in Port Fidalgo. A man there had five nephews, twelve sons, and two wives. He was sick and ready to die. He had a fine spear with a throwing board which he gave to his youngest nephew. Then he died. The nephews and the sons all went into one house. The sons were dividing the dead man’s things among themselves and the nephews. They gave each some bows or arrows or spears – all the dead man’s hunting implements. The nephews were talking of the throwing spear. The oldest son said that his father wanted to give it to the youngest nephew, but the oldest nephew said, "No, he gave it to me." Then they started to fight for the spear and were hitting each other with it. The oldest son seized it and threw it into the fire. Then they all quarreled and left. They went all over [the Sound]. Some of the sons were to the Cordova side, some went to Trhetla near Taukhtyuik and to all different places. Most of the nephews with their families went to Palutat. They pulled their bidarkas up and piled their hunting tools all together. Then they sat up against the wall with their knees doubled up under their chins - everybody, men and women, the women holding their babies. They died that way and dried up. You could see them there long afterwards.

The sons and some of the nephews went to all different places in the Sound, I don't remember all the names. That is how all the different villages started.