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Gerald Atol
Business Development Director


CPOS provides professional oilfield services to operators around the Cook Inlet and North Slope of Alaska. Our service lines include providing well site leaders and drilling foremen, completions engineering, production engineering, testing services, logistics coordination, well planning and rig design. Our collective experience in Alaska’s oilfields allows us to provide operators with the best solutions and services possible. From planning wells to production, we have the capabilities to make a drilling program integrated and efficient for our customers.


Chugach Professional Oilfield Services, LLC is a subsidiary whose majority owner is Chugach Alaska Corporation.

Customer Base

Professional work was previously performed by All American Oilfield Associates, LLC (All American). Upon the acquisition of All American, Chugach made the decision to reorganize its professional oilfield services division under a new entity in order to allow All American to focus on its drilling services line. Customers served include BlueCrest Alaska Operating, Armstrong Oil & Gas, 70 & 148th, Cook Inlet Energy, Brooks Range Petroleum, SolstenXP, Hilcorp, XTO Energy, Aurora, Royale and NordAq Energy. CPOS is quickly emerging into the oilfield services market and offering services to these same operators around the Cook Inlet and the North Slope region.


Regional Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) subsidiary.


Oil and gas professional services.

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